The Thinkers

We are at a time of great creativity if we choose to embrace it as such, if we choose to engage the will of our imaginations and imagine another way…

– Tempest Williams

Through the first stage of the project we attracted passionate engagement thinkers to see what we could learn from engagement in the worlds of business, arts and government. Our thinkers shared their ideas to stimulate discussion on…

Best practice engagement

What works? What doesn’t work? Common challenges and ways around them. Top tips and tricks. Using new technologies. What the future looks like.

Where does the thinking come from?

Knowledge management • organisational development • data planning • marketing • customer experience • storytelling • user design • filmmaking • academia • narrative inquiry • multi-media • social business
<strong>Sophie Weldon <br /></strong><small>AUSTRALIA</small>

Sophie Weldon

Director, Humankind Enterprises.
Using the power of human connection to improve social health. Creator of Storypods.
<strong>Victoria Ward <br /></strong><small>UNITED KINGDOM</small>

Victoria Ward

Director, Sparknow.
Repairing broken connections between individuals and organisations through culture change.
<strong>Shawn Callahan <br /></strong><small>AUSTRALIA</small>

Shawn Callahan

Founder, Anecdote.
Helping businesses be more human and engaging through story driven change.
<strong>Moya Sayer-Jones <br /></strong><small>AUSTRALIA</small>

Moya Sayer-Jones

Founder, Only Human.
Boosting the impact and services of NFPs through authentic engagement and learning.
<strong>Annette Simmons <br /></strong><small>USA</small>

Annette Simmons

Author, Story Factor.
Group process consultant.
Narrative expert and facilitator.
<strong>Paul Taylor <br /></strong><small>UNITED KINGDOM</small>

Paul Taylor

Lead Innovator, Bromford Lab.
Innovating through a culture of creativity, strategic partnerships and digital leadership.
<strong>Angela Jones <br /></strong><small>USA</small>

Angela Jones

Head Communications Planning, Maxus Global (LA).
Bringing digital strategies and human intuition to product planning.
Angela Jones LinkedIn
<strong>Prof Stuart Smith <br /></strong><small>AUSTRALIA</small>

Prof Stuart Smith

Professor of Disruptive Technologies, Uni of the Sunshine Coast.
Exploring how technology can address real world challenges.
Professor Stuart Smith