Throughout Stage One our passionate thinkers shared their vision and ideas for improving engagement and service design.

Our project team will be sharing their thoughts and insights during the next phase.

Written by Moya Sayer-Jones from a conversation with herself! Moya is the Story Activist and founder of Only Human Communication. Only Human supports NFP organisations with narrative strategies to improve practice and share the value of their work. Until about a decade ago, I worked as a novelist, columnist and

Corey Allen is now Inspector of Field Training at the Queensland Police Academy. Corey talked with Moya Sayer-Jones about the engagement practices he pioneered with community groups and at Brisbane City Station. — The epiphany I was in charge of a suburban station just outside Brisbane. It was an affluent

Written from a conversation with Paul Taylor. Paul is Innovation Coach with Bromford Lab, UK. The Lab team works with their colleagues at Bromford Housing to capture, frame and realize their ideas for service improvement. Customer-centred design is pivotal. Check out their websites here and here and see what very

Angela Jones is a 30-something Australian communications planner based in Los Angeles. She works with an international media agency and in this post she shares her methods for keeping the human in the data. — In my work, everything we do is essentially about understanding the customer and their motivations.

Annette Simmons specialises in helping organisations build more collaborative (and generally, nicer) behaviours. She’s a community activist and an eclectic, disruptive thinker. Her seminal book on storytelling, The Story Factor, has been named one of the 100 Best Business Books of All Time. – As a kid, I was frustrated to

Written by Moya Sayer-Jones from a conversation with Dr Stuart Smith. Stuart is a master engager, collaborating with users in the development of video games designed for better health outcomes. –  I was working at the School of Psychology, Trinity College in Dublin, when one of my Masters students came

Written by Moya Sayer-Jones from a conversation with Victoria Ward, in London – My interest in knowledge management began around 1996 and 1997 when I was working for an investment bank. Many things were going wrong in the bank and it was quite dysfunctional, particularly in the mid-office area. I called

Written by Moya Sayer-Jones from a conversation with Queensland Mental Health Commissioner, Dr Lesley van Schoubroeck. — How did I come to this role? Social policy has always been my great interest and yes, I’m a reformer. We need good social policy reform across government and we need to be