Change-making ideas

We are inviting you to join the Stretch2Engage think tank. Discuss fresh ideas for engaging service users and their supporters in the design and delivery of mental health, alcohol and other drugs services.

Participation in the think tank is open to anyone with an interest in improving the design and delivery of mental health, alcohol and other drugs services. Register now!



I can’t afford to say yes to all my client’s desires, but one thing is certain –
I can’t afford the outrageous cost of not listening to their requests.

Adapted from John Yokoyama, When Fish Fly

We have attracted passionate engagement thinkers to see what we might learn from engagement in the worlds of business, arts and government. Our thinkers will share their ideas to stimulate discussion on issues like:

  • Innovative ways to gather service user experiences and ideas
  • Stimulating involvement in service design
  • Use of new technologies
  • Maximising the impact of engagement activities

Online Think Tank kicks off 8 February

We can’t sit in our offices and decide what customers need. They’re always changing. They’re constantly becoming something else. They adapt. They learn. They grow. They’re not simply passive consumers; they’re actually dynamic collaborators and authors of their own futures.

Adapted from Michael Shrage, What Do You Want Your Customers to Become?

Shaking up with new ideas

Starting 8 February, receive a weekly post from our thinkers over a six week period. You are invited to share your thoughts on how their ideas might relate to our sectors, how they might be adapted, or how they resemble approaches already in use. You will be able to share your thoughts by:

  • Logging into the forum on the website
  • Posting comments using the #Stretch2Engage twitter handle
  • Emailing the team through our Contact Us page

At the end of the online think tank we will be inviting 60 people to take part in two face to face think tanks in Brisbane and Cairns in March and April. Participants will help us continue designing best practice principles for engagement in our sectors. You can register your interest in the face to face think tanks using our Contact Us page.